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1. Smile often. There is a natural trigger of happiness that happens when you smile. Try it. You can bring the sunshine in the middle of the thunder storm.


2. Give more. Giving promotes gratitude because we become aware of our blessings being used to bless others. Less me more others equals a blessed life. What can I give away today? Let's be generous with our time, talent, and treasure.


3. Encourage people. When we deposit encouragement into others we pour courage into their lives. If you know someone breathing then you know someone who needs encouragement. Use a handwritten note to share encouragement when possible because it sends a very personal message.


4. Listen better. The power of listening speaks volumes of respect to those around us. A wise person once said nothing and listened. And when you begin to talk use more questions.


5. Be thankful. Daily, give thanks for who God is and what He has done, no matter the circumstance. God is at work in and through our lives and may we live thankful. Begin by asking who are you thankful for? People matter and you matter to others too. I'm thankful for you!

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