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Our communication pace is so fast we are running a marathon of communicating each day. In essence, our jobs have turned into jobs of communicating full-time. Where has all the thinking or creative work gone? True conversation has been lost.

The volume of our communication has expanded due to the multiple channels of sending messages. Have you ever received a text message from someone asking if you received the email? Maybe they stop you in the hall and ask: “Did you see my email about…” Then they begin to tell you a tease on the subject but never get to the point?

I see three negative impacts on the over connectivity of electronic communication.

1. Communicating when we should be “being” with those in front of us. Leave the phone in the car when you enter the meeting.

2. Lack of collaboration. We have too many quick responses and compose shorter emails so we garnish a faster response; therefore we lack depth of collaboration. The conversation is lost.

3. Face to face is forgotten. We lean more toward the digital “invisible” messaging versus the emotional and powerful connectivity of face-to-face relationships.

When we communicate at such a high pace due to the heavy volume, we confuse ourselves to think we are having conversation. We are not. Conversation requires active listening and dialog. Our lifestyle of electronic communication has become an addictive participant in our lives. We need to be on a healthy diet with all our electronic communication. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

How will you participate in more meaningful conversation?

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