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Influence is like an invisible equity. These obvious and visible behaviors cause a negative impact on what matters most: will I follow you? Here are the 5 fastest ways lose your influence:

5. Act like you know it all. Have you ever met someone that stopped listening and learning? They are the worst kind of person to be around. They don't just smell rude, their arrogance stinks up the room.

4. Over promise. This is not the same as over deliver. Your aim is to under promise and exceed expectations. Too often, people over hype what they are about to do and miss the mark entirely and failed expectation destroys relations at warp speed.

3. Gossip. Just stop it and deny access for others to spread it to you. Run away from this evil and influence killer.

2. Lie. Maybe I do no need to even share this one. You are smart enough to know that being true to your word makes you worth following. However, honesty is a trait that seems to be a grey issue. When in fact, it is black and white. Either you are truthful or you are full of some other kind of stuff. You get the point.

1. Have no passion. Once you stop believing, people stop following. Period. The day you quit having the drive and conviction for what you do, those around you will lose their motivation to stay on the journey too.

What turns you off from wanting to following someone?

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